Monday, October 28, 2013

halloween blues

it is that time of year again and i just don't seem to really care. usually i love halloween and fall and everything that goes with it, but this year i'm just kinda...meh..
the pic above was from two years ago with some of the kids when our theme was toy story, every year i pick a theme for us and our neighbors and we go all out with decorating the front yards and with costumes. our kids friends and our friends often join in and the cast of characters can get quite large.
i got the inside of the house decorated but i just cant seem to get in the spirit this year, we are doing lord of the rings this year which is one of my favorite trilogys but to be really super honest i just cant seem to care one way or the other. maybe im just overwhelmed with life at the moment and dont have the emotional energy, does that sound like to much mumbo jumbo? i dont have  any other you ever feel this way