Tuesday, November 29, 2011

neutrogena product update

if you didn't see the first half of this review please scroll down several entries and you will find it .
so here is my update on the process/progress.
once again if you have any comments either on the product or the video in general please let me know. 
i have some ideas for a few demos; if you have any post below as well.

Monday, November 28, 2011

letting go

so i posted that i was going to start getting rid of one thing a day, and was going to try and sustain that for a whole year. so here is last weeks toss'.
first up was a vitaman bottle that has been migrating around the family room for longer than i care to admit.
next was a jar full of split peas and beans that i have had for at least 10 years. when my kids were smaller they used them for craft projects. they haven't been used in at least two years.
number three was a puzzle that i was gifted and have completed more than once and not any time recently.
item number four: a pattern that i cut up a year ago and used the tissue paper for a college.
and number five actually included eight books all together. i was a girl scout leader for five years but this past year i stepped down. so i let go of all the books i still had. i decided this could count for items seven and eight as well since there were quite a few of them.

so i will let go of another seven or more things this week. and will post them on sunday.

Friday, November 18, 2011

harvest time

fall is here and everything slows down just a bit before the holiday hustle and bustle.
this year i went for a paired down look to my fall decor. more simple and not as many garlands and leaves everywhere. while it might be a time to celebrate abundance in your life and to be thankful for it i felt that i wanted to focus more on abundance in life not necessarily in things.
with the economic times we are living in and also trying to be more earth friendly alot of us are trying to pair down our lives and live more what i look at as an uncluttered life. and using and being happy with what you already have.

in this same vein, i came across a few websites in the past few days where people are documenting how they are getting rid of one item a day by taking a pic of it before it goes. am thinking this is a great way to not only say "yes" this can be done, but of also holding yourself accountable for doing it. so i maybe adding this to my blog as well. can i sustain that for a whole year? i'm sure i can. i'm thinking i will start on this coming monday, not sure what parameters if any i will set for it other than something that is obviously trash like a coke can doesn't count. any thoughts out there on this?

maybe you would even be willing to join me on this journey and challenge yourself to do the same.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

neutrogena microdermabrasion system product review

this is my first product review, i hope someone finds it useful. if you have used this before please leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it. i also did a video of it instead of just writing about it, i don't know why i just felt moved to do it so i let go of my insecurities and went for it. i haven't learned how to merge the two videos yet so bear with me.
this is part one the before and below is part two the after.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

on to the holiday season

So halloween is down and now it is time to figure out not only fall/thanksgiving decorations, but also lock in the thanksgiving menu and get to crafting christmas presents.
also need to work on the all important art of just saying no.
no to too many volunteer positions but no also to too many holiday engagements; last year the holidays went by so fast and we didn't get to do hardly any of the things that we had planned to do as a family. so this year i will work on poilitly declining most invetations and work on saying no even when i'm voluntold about something that needs to get done.