Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello it's me again

i found a book today that i thought i had lost, it's called
listography your life in lists.
if you are a list maker you need this book!
i admit to not caring for all of the subjects so i intend to
alter it and make subjects of myown.
there is also a listography website. which just happens to be . you can make tons of lists with either thier premade titles
or titles of your own. here is mine .
you can also read and comment on other peoples
public lists. will post pic of book later this
evening, just wanted to jump on and tell you
about it before i forgot.
another book that seems to have disappeared to
somewhere in my home is this book will change your life.
when i find it i will tell you more about it
as well.
ta ta i promise a pic or two in an hour or so or two! lol

Monday, December 20, 2010

day 5 of holidays

#4 was the top of  my china cabinet so i thought #5 would be another
part. so here it is..ta, da!  lol
if you notice there are lights inside of the china cabinet, this is the first 
year i've done that as well. the strand is a blinking strand
which i normally don't like, but these were my grandmothers, 
every other one blinks. another post i'll show you the shape of the lights.
i love, love, love putz houses. i do not own any actual
putz ones, but i do have a few putz style houses. 
believe it or not the snowman, house and girl all came from 
my local grocery store a couple of years ago.
this year they have a bottle brush tree that matches i'm going to look today and see if (a.)
they have any left, and (b) they are on sale.  i'm off
to finish my grocery list and hit the store. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

show and tell #4

i know i said i was going to try and post every day this month
but i just haven't gotten in the habit yet i suppose.
hopefully i can catch up somehow!

this is top of my china cabinet
due to where the chandelier is its hard to get a pic of it all at once.
i love most things vintage and old.
most of the items in this pic come from my family.
when my grandmother passed i got all her xmas stuff.
all the reindeer, the sleigh, all of the trees, boot and some of the santa's were hers,
as well as the snowman. the silver platter was my dh's grandmothers.

here is a closer look at the center of the arrangement. the little snow globes are
actually place card holders, the card goes in the little bird on top.

this is the left side. the snowman in back is a blow mold, he has a place for
a light but i have never put one in. he used to sit on my front porch, but he's
getting a little cracked and weather worn in his old age so
i decided to move him indoors this year.
the red boot in back i am never sure what to do with.
one year i made it into a lamp another year i stuck faux vintage
xmas flowers in it. it is an old paper mache one.

here is the right side. not as much going on over here. i do love the red reindeer.
here is a better pick of him.

and one of him and his friend as well. i'm guessing that my
grandmother loved the little reindeer as well,
cause she had a whole herd of them.

i love that everything up here has a history to it, the only
things i bought are the cake plates that i have stacked.
the only other things that are remotely new are the big cream
colored snowmen. my mother gave them to me last year for xmas.
everything else came from our grandparents or my parents.
i think the holiday season should have a healthy mix of old and new.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

dec. show and tell #3

i call this my christmas a - z canvas.
i found the alaphabet several years ago but could never decide what
to do with it. last year i came up with this.
i had gotten the canvas relatively cheaply and knew i wanted to
do something for christmas with it.

here is a larger view so you can see what they all say. i thought they were all pretty
choesive. they book with them had about 4 or 5 for each letter,
it was fun arranging and rearanging them to see which
way i liked best.

this is a close-up of the stickers, if you notice on the "J" it has a
bit of distressing to it. so i tried to incorporate that
in the way i painted the canvas before putting the letters on.

this is a close up view of the paint (i know its a bit fuzzy, i do apologize).
i first painted the canvas with a deep red, then a light robins egg blue. for
the blue i dry brushed it and purposely used a lighter hand in some areas.
after that all dried i went back with some walnut ink and lightly misted the whole thing 
and wiped it afterwards.
i am very happy with how the whole thing turned out. it hangs
in a small hallway off the entryway.
i don't know if i will ever frame it, for now it does not have a frame.
i encourage you to just dive in with a project and keep at it til it evolves into 
something you enjoy. it may not look pleasing to you at first but juast
keep adjusting til your happy with it. the paint on this went
through several stages til it was to a point where i was happy with it.


Friday, December 3, 2010

dec. show and tell #2

i can't believe i'm behind already! lol thats what i get for not putting the memory card back in the camera, those things are small and easy to lose!so here is item #2:
this is the tree in the corner of our dining room.
i don't know why it is turning my pics sideways, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
the star that is on the top of this tree was my grandmothers, my dad says he remembers it being
on the tree when he was younger.
i don't know why i never thought of putting a tree in this spot before, i really like the way
it looks there, it gives it a real cozy feel.

december posting

i am going to try and post something Christmas/yule/Hanukkah related everyday this month. it may be a craft or a pic of something in my home or else where, but it will all relate to Christmas in some way form or fashion.
so today is day 1:

these are a pair of faux ice skates that hang on the door knob to the coat closet in my living room. what i like about them is the vintage feel they have to them with the muted colors and script. plus the sparkly is always good!