Monday, November 28, 2011

letting go

so i posted that i was going to start getting rid of one thing a day, and was going to try and sustain that for a whole year. so here is last weeks toss'.
first up was a vitaman bottle that has been migrating around the family room for longer than i care to admit.
next was a jar full of split peas and beans that i have had for at least 10 years. when my kids were smaller they used them for craft projects. they haven't been used in at least two years.
number three was a puzzle that i was gifted and have completed more than once and not any time recently.
item number four: a pattern that i cut up a year ago and used the tissue paper for a college.
and number five actually included eight books all together. i was a girl scout leader for five years but this past year i stepped down. so i let go of all the books i still had. i decided this could count for items seven and eight as well since there were quite a few of them.

so i will let go of another seven or more things this week. and will post them on sunday.

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