Saturday, January 5, 2013

52 projects

For several years now i've been trying to do a 52 projects in a year, inspired by a forum on
and needless to say every year i have failed miserably. So this year i am at it again, at the moment i am working on painting six paper mache mushrooms and decorating a paper mache house. hopefully i will get the mushrooms done tomorrow and will post the results. the mushrooms will count as one project and the house will count as another.

i am still doing the orginization challenge. took a couple of weeks off due to the holidays. so far have done my kitchen counters and pantry. have started on week three which is the fridge and freezer. will post pics of that progress in the next week.

so every week i need to get a craft project done and organize some part of my home. ya, i so got this....

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