Monday, January 3, 2011


at the grocery store today i bought candy canes for $.37! these ones to be exact
but but you say it is to early or to late for candy canes, did i mention that they were
$.37! the cashier asked if i was going to eat them and i assured her
that i was not, that i was in fact putting them away
for next year. she then wanted to know if they would
keep that long, and i assured her once again that indeed yes they
would, as long as they were not kept in an attic or somewhere
hot they would be fine.
so i got the bright colored ones to go on the family room tree which is white.
the pale red and green ones are for the tree in the
dining room. and the blue ones may go on the tree in the living
room, though i'm not sure about that one yet. not
totally sure how i feel about candy canes on that tree. that is the one tree
that i am kinda particular about. all the ornaments are white, silver, robins egg blue and
a few are a pale apple green. we shall see next year how i
feel about it.
speaking of xmas, i almost have all the xmas stuff put away. just a few more things
to pack away, and the totes need to be stored away and two trees need
to be taken down. that's it i swear, the ornaments are
already off the trees but the trees are still standing.
it is my husbands job to take those bad boys down and put them in their

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