Thursday, January 13, 2011

squirrels! okay squirrel as the case may be...

my oldest dd has an amigurumi book that she bought a couple  of
years ago with her b-day money. but she has yet to get past the basic chain
stitch in crochet. so while all the patterns use single crochet (sc) she has not
mastered it.
so she sat down next to me the other day with her book and asked nicely if i would
make the squirrel for her. so i agreed, she went and rummaged through my
yarn stash and came back with a fuzzy blue (that i have had for years, i once
made a bunny out of it as a baby shower gift), and some tan.
so i whipped up the pieces and she attached the eyes and nose, then stuffed it.
i put all the pieces together, which was a little more difficult than i had anticipated.
i am in no way new to crochet, but trying to attach those little arms, and then not
being entirely sure what to do about the tail, as the instructions gave no
instructions for that part, i finally got it all together.
i ended up tacking the tail to the mid back of the thing with a few stitches so that it would
stay in the full upright position. so without further ado here it is:

as a side note on the tan, she originally brought me some yarn that came
with a plant hanging kit i bought at a flea market close to 10 years ago.
it is in no way a soft type of yarn. the only other tan that i had
 i was/am making my first ever sweater out of, so i used that skein
starting with the other end that i wasn't working off of.
now i'm going to have to try and hunt down that color
if i ever want to finish the sweater.
 so now that i have made one amigurumi i'm already starting on another
one from the book. i'm using the same blue yarn to make a bird.
after of course i finish a baby blanket for a friend who is having a baby
tomorrow. the yarn that i am using for that i got 7 years ago to make a
blanket for my ds when he was born. but it just frustrated the heck out me
(being 8 months pregnant will do that) and i never used it. it is red heart
cloud. i'm not sure if they make it anymore or not. but i figured why go out and buy more
baby yarn when i have 5 skeins of it in my stash.
so when i finish it i will post picks of it as well. the blanket not the yarn.

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