Monday, December 26, 2011

project get rid of 365

so i realize that i forgot to post the last two weeks worth of get rid of.
so i will post both weeks in this post.
as you will see i cleaned out my bathroom cabinets and alot of the items came from there.
item number one is an old makeup bag from clinique

item number two is a foundation that i bought because i liked the sample but when i bought the full size i did not care for it so it is going to my mom

item number three is an empty bottle of nail polish that i had been holding on to in hopes of finding the same color again

item number four is an eye shadow from avon that i have never used in the last 10 years

item number five is also a avon eye shadow that i don't care for but held on to because i have the matching nail polish and lipstick

item number six are calm drops which i like but these have gotten old and taste funny

item number seven is the same but with moon drops

item number eight is a sample of burts bees face scrub that i never use

item number nine is a foot thing also from avon that i have no use for

item number ten is a lip serum that my mom gave me that i tried last night and this morning they were all chapped and nasty so bye, bye it goes

item number 11 is
a large pink ornament that i forgot to take a picture of

and item number 12 lastly is (was) a broken toy of my sons that i gave up on trying to fix, sadly he tossed it before a got a chance to snap a pic.
so the next 7 items will be posted on sunday. hope everyone had a great christmas.

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