Sunday, December 4, 2011

sunday post 357 items

it is sunday once again and i have my items tossed/given away list for the past week.
item number 1 is a star that is no longer working, tried changing fuses and bulbs and it is still not working. have had this star in our christmas collection for at least the past 11 years.
items #2 and 3 are a star and an xmas tree that have suction cups on them. you adhere a 9 volt battery to them and they light up and you can stick it on the window of your car. have not used them for several years so i have let them go.
item #4 is a avon magazine that has been living in my closet for several weeks,
so in the recycling it goes.
item #5 is a necklace that i have had since high school. i am going to see if my daughter wants it if not it will go in the items to donate bag. you will have to forgive the photo, for some reason the camera wouldn't focus on it. i took at least five pictures of it and sad to say this is the best one.
items #6 and 7 are actually a box with old ornaments from my daughters trees when they were younger. this isn't even all of them so i figured they could count as two.
don't know what i will be getting rid of in the coming week but i will post again next sunday to let you know what i said good-bye to.

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