Sunday, December 11, 2011

week 3 of 357 items

so another 7 items are leaving (or have left) my home.
without further ado here are the items that got chopped this week.
item #1 is a pot of bliss youth as we know it eye cream. i love every other product in the youth as we know it line except for this eye cream. it caused me to get little bumps in the areas i applied it to. so it is going to my mom who loves it dearly.
item #2 is a book of internet sites that came with a laptop that i purchased around 11 years ago.
as you can guess many of the sites no longer exist today. so when i came across it i figured it was time for it to go. sorry i forgot to rotate it.
next item up is a clip thingy (yes that is a technical term). it was unclaimed by all three children.
each of them denied ownership so off it went.

item #4 is a strand of lights that was on a little tree that goes on my bathroom counter.
now, the lights have been on the tree for around four years, but i only lit them the first
two. i got tired of having to unscrew the back and put the lights in and then unscrew the back again after xmas to take the lights off. so this year i thought why am i even leaving them on there; and promptly took them off.

item #5 is another book. i have read it twice. so in all fairness it is time for it to migrate elsewhere.
it was a good book. i read it a few years ago and apparently held on to it. when i came across it the other day i couldn't remember exactly what happened so i read it again. it too will be migrating to my mothers.

item #6 is also a book. this one i have only read once. it was very quirky with a few unexpected twists.
it was good but odd. adios book set in wales.

and finally, alas, item #7 i did not document. it was two light strands that haven't worked in quite awhile that i had been using the bulbs off of. i said good bye to the pair of them.
and that rounds up week 3 of this project. don't have a clue yet what will go in 
the coming week. check back next sunday to find out.

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