Sunday, December 19, 2010

show and tell #4

i know i said i was going to try and post every day this month
but i just haven't gotten in the habit yet i suppose.
hopefully i can catch up somehow!

this is top of my china cabinet
due to where the chandelier is its hard to get a pic of it all at once.
i love most things vintage and old.
most of the items in this pic come from my family.
when my grandmother passed i got all her xmas stuff.
all the reindeer, the sleigh, all of the trees, boot and some of the santa's were hers,
as well as the snowman. the silver platter was my dh's grandmothers.

here is a closer look at the center of the arrangement. the little snow globes are
actually place card holders, the card goes in the little bird on top.

this is the left side. the snowman in back is a blow mold, he has a place for
a light but i have never put one in. he used to sit on my front porch, but he's
getting a little cracked and weather worn in his old age so
i decided to move him indoors this year.
the red boot in back i am never sure what to do with.
one year i made it into a lamp another year i stuck faux vintage
xmas flowers in it. it is an old paper mache one.

here is the right side. not as much going on over here. i do love the red reindeer.
here is a better pick of him.

and one of him and his friend as well. i'm guessing that my
grandmother loved the little reindeer as well,
cause she had a whole herd of them.

i love that everything up here has a history to it, the only
things i bought are the cake plates that i have stacked.
the only other things that are remotely new are the big cream
colored snowmen. my mother gave them to me last year for xmas.
everything else came from our grandparents or my parents.
i think the holiday season should have a healthy mix of old and new.

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