Monday, December 20, 2010

day 5 of holidays

#4 was the top of  my china cabinet so i thought #5 would be another
part. so here it is..ta, da!  lol
if you notice there are lights inside of the china cabinet, this is the first 
year i've done that as well. the strand is a blinking strand
which i normally don't like, but these were my grandmothers, 
every other one blinks. another post i'll show you the shape of the lights.
i love, love, love putz houses. i do not own any actual
putz ones, but i do have a few putz style houses. 
believe it or not the snowman, house and girl all came from 
my local grocery store a couple of years ago.
this year they have a bottle brush tree that matches i'm going to look today and see if (a.)
they have any left, and (b) they are on sale.  i'm off
to finish my grocery list and hit the store. 

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