Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hello it's me again

i found a book today that i thought i had lost, it's called
listography your life in lists.
if you are a list maker you need this book!
i admit to not caring for all of the subjects so i intend to
alter it and make subjects of myown.
there is also a listography website. which just happens to be . you can make tons of lists with either thier premade titles
or titles of your own. here is mine .
you can also read and comment on other peoples
public lists. will post pic of book later this
evening, just wanted to jump on and tell you
about it before i forgot.
another book that seems to have disappeared to
somewhere in my home is this book will change your life.
when i find it i will tell you more about it
as well.
ta ta i promise a pic or two in an hour or so or two! lol

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