Friday, December 3, 2010

dec. show and tell #2

i can't believe i'm behind already! lol thats what i get for not putting the memory card back in the camera, those things are small and easy to lose!so here is item #2:
this is the tree in the corner of our dining room.
i don't know why it is turning my pics sideways, if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.
the star that is on the top of this tree was my grandmothers, my dad says he remembers it being
on the tree when he was younger.
i don't know why i never thought of putting a tree in this spot before, i really like the way
it looks there, it gives it a real cozy feel.


  1. i have read up on the sideways issue and apparently i'm not the only one having this problem. i found some different ideas to try and hopefully this will sort it out in the future.

  2. I love all the lights you have on your tree. I'm answering a comment you left on my blog about the cereal bags (because you don't have an email set up in your google profile), so excuse the off topic.

    I have not tried ironing the bags together. I do know that they are thicker than wax paper to begin with. And I use them for all my non-stick needs (between foods in freezer bags, etc.) Definitely try it!

    Also, regarding your sideways pics, try uploading them to Flicker first and you can rotate in that program. Good luck!!! ;-)