Monday, October 22, 2012

Corner of my home Monday

Mondays I am going to share a little corner of my home. Today I have my china cabinet all decked out for Halloween. (Another day I will do a before and after of it, it used to look totally different before I painted it and took the doors off.) So here is a pic of it as a whole minus the top.

None of the "ingredients" for this cost more than a few dollars and it has grown over time.

Our city does not recycle glass so I save all glass jars and repurpose them elsewhere, for these to give them a cohesive look I first gave all the lids a coat of gesso then painted them all black. The silver trays are all from thrift stores and I tend to use them year round.

The jar with the white stuff in it has a label that reads spider silk, to make the silk i just rolled and stretched cotton balls into long strands.

The small cheese doom or cake saver I inherited from my Grandmother. The jars with labels and candy are ecspecially fun for the kids. The labels i printed from Martha Stewarts website and have fun names like "Dreadful Edibles." To give them a more aged look I wiped them with a cottenball sprayed with walnut ink.

The green pumpkin was in the dollar section this year at Target.
The potion bottle with the red lid used to contain red wine vinegar.

Top shelf holds a Martha Stewart cake stand with a glass pumpkin full of orange tissue paper that was another grandmothers, the two black cats my husband had before we got married and the big cake saver was a grandmothers as well.

Another Shot of the top.
Inside the glass dome is a fake spider sitting on some moss covered rocks that came from the dollar store.

The tombstone was a dollar store find last year. I just surrounded it by moss also from the dollar store last year.

Inside some of the jars are such simple things as dried sage leaves from the garden and a snake skin that my son found while on a hike.

Hope you enjoyed this small peek into my home.

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