Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here I am

So yes I am back, life had gotten a little crazy there for awhile. Since January I have gone back to school and completed the classes required for real estate license and gotten my license, found a broker to work for, sold and listed a house (yea me), found new schools for two out of three of my kids, been overly involved in Boy Scouts, stepped down from several of my positions in scouts that I held for years and am now trying to learn to balance work and family and a home while still trying to squeeze out some time for myself.

I had a great plan that I wanted to implement at the beginning of the year before life got away from me so I am going to go ahead with that and try and get back on track with the blog.
Its something that I always wanted to do but never got it to where I wanted it to be, so I am rededicating myself to it and hopefully someone will find me along the way and be willing to join me on the journey.

Wednesdays will be anti-procrastination wednesdays so it is only fitting that today is the day I jump back in with both feet.
In the future it could entail anything from a UFO (unfinished object) or any other task that I have been putting off doing. 

So here I am and off I go again delving into sharing my life online in hopes of finding others who may join the ride. I read and follow several great blogs done by amazing women that I can always aspire to be more like.
the pic at the top is an atc i did years ago.

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