Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healthy Thursday

Yes I said it the dreaded word.
We all know we should do it, but dread the actual doing of it.
One thing I have found that is really helpful is a great free app called Cardio Trainer.

It lets you set up goals, make a timeline and keeps track of how your doing. If you want to lose weight it even lets you know how many calories you will burn with your current exercise plan and how many fewer calories you will need to eat on a daily basis in order to achieve your goal.
I use it for everything but ecspecially when I go walking. I simply push the start workout button and it keeps track of everything.

Pretty simple, huh? It also maintains your history of what you've done on every day of the month that you've logged in.

Just an FYI your screen may not look the same exactly, I pulled this image off the web and on my phone it looks a little different. But the basics are there.
So if you are planning to start a exercise routine or need some motivation to do so, I highly recommend this app. It is free and works wonderfully. 
We all know we should be exercising that it is good for us in every way, so might I challenge you that if you are currently not doing anything to do something in the coming week!

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